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The Unico System

Unico System Heating & Cooling

Installing a Unico System® requires little or no build-out to install. Instead of the intrusive ductwork of conventional HVAC, or placement of unsightly high-wall units (that usually must be mounted on the outer walls of a home), we run flexible supply tubing through wall cavities, in floors and ceilings.

GTA HVAC now offers an innovative new type of heating and cooling option to Toronto homeowners, the Unico System®. Currently trusted in more than half a million homes, the Unico System® offers many advantages and features for homes that aren’t easily adapted to conventional HVAC or forced air systems.

Exceptional Comfort

The Unico System® provides exceptional comfort, superior performance, and is an excellent choice for those concerned about efficiency. Some of the advantages homeowners will enjoy include:

Easily Integrated Into Any Space

Regardless of the layout, size, or design of your home, the Unico System® requires less than a third of the space in your home than traditional heat and air systems, however, is capable of providing up to 9 tons of conditioned air in the same amount of space required by a traditional 3-ton unit. Small outlets blend seamlessly into your decor, so you never have ugly metal registers that disrupt your design.

Minor Disruption, Reduced Mess, Remodeling Kept to a Minimum

If you’re used to a central heating and cooling system, no doubt there are hot or cold pockets in your home. A ductless mini-split system has multiple indoor units, all connected to one outdoor condenser, so cool air is delivered right where you need it. When one person prefers a warmer room and another like it cooler, there’s no problem. Plus, you still enjoy a reduction in wasted energy, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs!

Never Worry About Compromising Decor or Architecture

Because of the vast array of outlet choices including slotting or round, the Unico System® allows you to enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home without compromising your interior design and decor. Available in colors and sizes that are complementary to most decors, outlets can be stained or painted to blend in perfectly. Nothing intrusive, while you enjoy supreme comfort.

Less Humidity, Quiet Operation

While traditional cooling & heating systems work to control humidity levels to a certain degree, the Unico System® is capable of removing up to 30% of humidity due to the efficient, superior design of cooling coils. Ultimately, homeowners can set the thermostat at a higher temperature while enjoying surroundings that are less humid, leaving you more comfortable while saving on energy costs during summer months. You will also enjoy quiet operation as the air handler is made to dramatically reduce not only noise but vibration. Insulation for the modules and an inner nylon core are designed to ensure super quiet operation – in fact; you will probably never be aware when the system is running.

No More Hot and Cold Spots

With a traditional heating & cooling system, you may notice variations in temperature throughout the rooms or areas in your home. The Unico System® relies on aspiration, an air principle that creates a draft-free, even environment. When you set the thermostat at the desired temperature, you will see that from one level or floor to the next, room to room, or even from the floor to the ceiling, temperatures do not vary more than two degrees.

Superb Efficiency

While modern HVAC systems today are far more efficient than those of decades ago, you still have concerns about duct leakage and thermal loss, which means losing heat through the duct walls. Ductwork has its efficiency issues outside of your heating/cooling system. Ultimately, duct leakage can be controlled through design and artistry, while the thermal loss is often attributed to size and insulation. The Unico System® is superior in every aspect when it comes to efficiency and ductwork issues, and is designed for one-third less thermal loss due to minimal surface area. You can rely on your system to be air tight, losing less than 5% of conditioned air when compared to traditional systems that often lose as much as a quarter of conditioned air due to faulty ductwork!

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